Scouting notes

Here are some quick notes from the scouting that I have done this season on some players who I think have potential.


Ace Sanders, WR, South Carolina

He is a very electrifying playmaker for the South Carolina offense.  He has soft hands, agility and speed.  He is very elusive and dangerous with the football in his hands.  He has the ability to block and comes up big at crucial moments in the game.  You can speed the passion he has for the game.

His size; he is super undersized.  I have major concerns for his durability in the NFL and the translation of speed in the NFL.

He is currently a junior.  Look for his stock to rise next season; this young man has talent.

Patrick Lewis, C, Texas A&M
Check out his profile here

He is a very solid pass blocker.  I really like his upper body strength and how he can use his arms.  He has a good base that is capable of taking on bigger linemen.  He may get driven back a bit but he holds his own against them.
I also like the awareness I see in him.  He looks like a leader on the offensive line and is always looking around making sure no one needs help.  Lewis does do a very good job at getting to the second level to make blocks too.

Poor run blocker; doesn’t keep his head up and has very poor technique.
He struggles against bigger and stronger defenders.  Size will be a concern for the NFL.

Theo Riddick, RB, Notre Dame

He is a complete playmaker.  He is an excellent runner with great vision, toughness and determination.  He is very elusive and quick and is good receiver out of the backfield (he used to play WR).  I think Riddick is very underrated.  Go back and watch the game vs USC; he was everywhere on the field.

He is big enough to handle carrying the ball a lot in the NFL?  At times I have questioned his vision.  Overall speed isn’t elite.

Jeremiah Attaochu, DE/OLB, Georgia Tech

Effective pass rusher who has the potential to be elite.  He has a very good motor and good pursuit; he’s always going after the ball.  He can drop into coverage and displays pretty fluid hips for a big guy.
He has a nose for the football.

He is not as physical as I would like to see.  I believe his strength needs to be better and he needs to add bulk and be bigger.  His overall tackling technique isn’t good; needs improvement.

He is currently a junior and unless he declares he will not be eligible for this year’s draft.

Spencer Nealy, DT, Texas A&M

Great motor, knows how to use his hands very effectively.  He is very quick and relentless.  He is pretty good at block shedding.  Does a tremendous job of penetrating into the backfield.  His footwork is very good; always has his feet moving when engaged.
I believe he possesses good strength despite his size; he is able to push the pocket.  He plays with sound technique.

Struggles with double teams.  Needs to be bigger.  He is not stout on the line.  He is not super athletic and does not have tremendous speed.  Occasionally will be beaten one on one by bigger offensive linemen.  He does not have a lot of experience.

D.J. Swearinger, S/CB, South Carolina

He is a leader on the defense.  He has good size and can be a violent hitter.  Has a good back peddle and keeps a low center of gravity.  I like his awareness and instincts.

His reaction time needs to be better; I have concerns about his quickness.  He is fast enough to play center field in the NFL?

E.J. Gaines, S/CB, Missouri

Good size and strength.  He is able to be a big hitter.  At times he is absolutely terrific in coverage.  He has good reaction to run and pass.  Has soft hands.

He is often too aggressive; I have seen him fooled by fakes often.  He can disappear during games; he needs to have a bigger impact.

I want to watch more tape on Gaines.  He is currently a junior and unless he declares he will be back with Missouri next season.

Nigel Malone, CB, Kansas St.
I have not watched a lot of film on him but what I have seen has been pretty good.  He is comfortable in both man and zone coverage’s; but what I like most is his ability to read the QBs eyes and the play.  I see good instincts, awareness and the ability to make a play on the ball.  I will be watching more film on him.

Alec Lemon, WR, Syracuse
Lemon is a reliable receiver for QB Ryan Nassib.  He has good hands, is very athletic and not afraid to go over the middle.  He also has a great jumping ability and the talent to win jump balls.  He is a potential sleeper pick in this year’s draft.