Prospect: Tyler Wilson, QB, Arkansas
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
December 3, 2012

Ht: 6-2 Wt: 220 40: 4.87

Strengths: Has a very strong arm.  Throws a tight spiral and displays awesome touch on the football.  Is capable of making some absolutely beautiful throws with perfect accuracy (but his accuracy is inconsistent).  He makes good decisions, but needs to be more consistent and not trust his strong arm as much.  Able to read the defense; knows his progression and checks down to the open man.  Displays good football I.Q. knows defenses and where to look for the open man.  Pretty good mobility and can throw on the run.  Has a good play action.  Seems very tough, can take the big hit to make the throw. Smart player.  Leader.  Potential.             

Weaknesses:  Often panics when he feels pressure.  This causes him to force passes, make bad throws and miss wide open receivers.  Accuracy is inconsistent.  Needs to work on stepping into throws when able to.                   

Summary: Tyler Wilson entered this season as one of the top Senior QBs in the country.  He has good NFL size and one of the best arms in college football.  I watched a lot of tape on him this year and overall I came away impressed.  Let me start with the good first.  He’s got an incredible arm.  He throws a tight spiral, with great touch and precision.  He is capable of reading defenses pre snap and looking to where the open receiver should be.  If he’s not there, he’s got great football I.Q. goes through his progression to find the open man.  He’s also very tough and the leader of the Arkansas football team.  Now the issues that concern me.  He’s inconsistent with his accuracy.  Usually when he feels pressure he panics and his accuracy suffers.  He tends to force passes, overthrow/underthrow receivers and miss opportunities for big plays.  He needs to work on not panicking when the pressure gets to him.  Overall, Tyler Wilson has a special arm and is a smart football player.  I see a lot of potential in him and I believe he will go in the first round of this year’s draft. 

Draft Projection: 1st round