Prospect: Tharold Simon, CB, LSU
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
March 9, 2013
6-2 Wt: 202 40: 4.51

Strengths:  Elite size; long arms.  Plays very quick; able to make quick and sudden cuts and breaks on the ball.  He is very solid in man to man coverage.  Does a great job of finding the ball in the air and plays the pass like a wideout.  Also shows pretty good awareness in zone coverage and keeps eyes on QB.  Has good play recognition, reads plays often.  Is a very physical corner, using his hands and arms very effectively.  Does a great job of knocking the ball out of the receiver’s hands often.  Shows pretty fluid hips for a big guy.  Has great movement skills.  Very impressive jumping ability.  Able to make sure tackles and even does a nice job of tackling in space.  Can be an effective blitzer.

Weaknesses: I think he needs to find the right balance in the aggressiveness in his game.  Often I see him overly aggressive and then there are even times where I am thinking he should have been more aggressive and physical.  He needs to find the balance.  He tends to over-pursue at times; needs to stay in control.  I think he has very impressive footwork (quickness, flexibility), but I saw him get caught flat footed a lot.  I believe he has to improve on this for the next level.  I would like to see him disengage from blocks better. Overall strength could be better, only did 9 reps on the bench at the combine.  Speed is not elite.

Summary:  Tharold Simon stood out to me this year as an underrated prospect.  For me personally, I like seeing big corners that can move and Simon fits that mold.  Along with his size, I saw the physicality that you want to see in bigger corners.  He’s not afraid to use his size to help out in the run or make open field tackles.  I am also intrigued by his cover skills.  I like the competitiveness I see in him and the potential ball hawking ability I see in him.  I think Simon has the ability to be a great CB in the NFL and although he does have some issues he needs to improve on, I think he will go in the 2nd round.

Draft Projection: 2nd round