Prospect: Ryan Nassib, QB, Syracuse
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
December 9, 2012
6-2 Wt: 228 40: 4.98

Strengths:  He has a strong arm that can make all the throws.  Shows good zip on the ball with really nice touch on his passes.  He also has a really quick release.   Pretty good mechanics.  Above average athleticism, able to make throws on the run and escape pressure.  Keeps his eyes downfield when on the run.  Shows good football I.Q.  Really knows the offense well.  Shows that he is in completely command of the offense.  Displayed ability to win close games; very good competitor.  Stands strong in the pocket.  Able to take the big hit to make the throw.  Playmaker.  3 year starter.  Good instincts; strong leader                  
Weaknesses:  How he handled pressure was very inconsistent throughout the season.  At times he made bad decisions, forced passes and his accuracy suffered.  There were times where he made quick reads and escaped pressure and made big plays but overall he was very inconsistent under pressure.  I think he sometimes trusts his arm a little bit too much.             

Summary:  Ryan Nassib has had a really good season.  I love his arm, the quick release and the ability he has playing the QB position.  He displays tremendous knowledge of the offense and knows how to move the ball up and down the field.  His football I.Q. and awareness really stand out to me.  That’s a big strength at the QB position.  Nassib is a great leader who knows and understands the offense and the situations throughout the game.  My main concern with him is how inconsistent he is under pressure.  I’ve seen the good and the bad of Ryan Nassib under pressure throughout this season.  There are times he looks great when pressured; he is able to escape the pursuit, keeps his eyes downfield and finds the open man with good accuracy.  Then there are times where he gets pressured and he makes a terrible decision, tries to force a pass and it ends up an INT.  In the NFL he needs to learn to stay in control under pressure.  He’s a smart QB, he knows where the hot reads are and what to do with the football; he just needs to be more consistent and stable.  Ryan Nassib has a lot of potential and I see a future starting NFL QB in him.  I have a mid second round grade on him, but if he performs well in Syracuse’s bowl game coming up and if he has a good pre-draft season, he could rise up boards even more.

Draft Projection: 2nd round