Prospect: Patrick Lewis, C, Texas A&M
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
December 22, 2012
6-2 Wt: 312 40: 5.29

Strengths:  Very good pass blocker.  Displays great strength.  Has a good base; occasionally gets driven back a little, but he is able to hold his own against much bigger opponents.  Has good hand use and a pretty good hand punch.  Has good and quick feet.  Displays pretty good awareness and instincts.  Very quick for his size.  Good motor; does a good job of getting to the second level.  Smart, tough and a leader.  Extremely experienced.  Has experience as a guard as well.  Has great football I.Q.

Weaknesses: Very poor run blocker.  Needs to get low and drive opponents.  He likes to latch onto defenders but he doesn’t stay on them for long.  He likes to get onto defenders and simply turn his hips.  Poor technique.  He also needs to keep his head up when attacking defenders.  Size looks like a concern for me.  Needs to be much more physical.

Summary:  Patrick Lewis has put together a quality season for Texas A&M.  I am really impressed with his pass blocking and football I.Q.  He looks like a leader on the field and that really stands out to me.  He is not a good run blocker though and he is not as physical as I would like.  His technique also needs improvement.  Overall Patrick Lewis has potential and talent but he needs major improvement in important areas of his game.  However, I like him a lot as a sleeper in this draft.  His major concerns are legitimate, but they are in areas that can be improved.  He has a lot of upside.

Draft Projection: 5th – 7th round