Prospect: Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
December 20, 2012
6-6 Wt: 310 40: 5.16

Strengths:  Terrific size.  Has an elite ability to mirror defenders which makes him an elite pass protector.  Has a very good kick slide.  Able to deliver a power hand punch.  Very athletic and quick.   Shows good awareness and football I.Q.  He is often dominant.  Displays impressive strength.  Able to get to the second level.  Shows great footwork.  Does a good job of locking onto defenders.  Establishes a strong anchor with a good base.  Leader on the offensive line.
Weaknesses:  Very inconsistent run blocker.  Needs to drive opponents when engaged; he likes to simply turn his hips and shield the defender away from the play.  Does not get low consistently; he is often caught too high.  Needs to extend his arms quicker to keep defenders off of him.  He likes to wait for pass rushers to get to him, and then extends his arms and bench press them away.  He needs to extend his arms sooner so that he keeps them from gaining control of him.  Technique needs improvement.  I have seen him struggled against speed rushers.                 

Summary:  Luke Joeckel has really been impressive this year.  I have watched a lot of tape on him and I have walked away really intrigued with his talent.  He is an elite pass protector (I think he is the best pass protector in the country) with a natural ability to mirror pass rushers.  He is very athletic and quick for how big he is, and possesses very good awareness.  The main problem I see when I watch him is his run blocking and his technique.  He is not consistently dominant in the running game, which worries me.  He does not drive his opponents and he is caught standing too high often.  His overall technique needs to improve and he needs to get back to working on some fundamental parts of his game.  As of right now, Luke Joeckel is my highest rated player in this draft.  I think he has natural talent that is rare and special, and the flaws I see in his game are fixable.  I believe Joeckel needs to declare for this draft because it looks like he will be drafted in the top 5.

Draft Projection: Top 5