Prospect: Chance Warmack, G, Alabama
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
January 4, 2013
6-2 Wt: 322 40: 5.20

Strengths: Good NFL size.  Terrific hand use; extends his arms to keep linemen off of him which gives him more control.  Very solid pass blocking, establishes a good base, has a powerful hand punch, and shows good awareness with blitzes.  He is also a powerful run blocker; he gets low and drives defenders consistently.  Displays great strength; able to keep bigger linemen off of him.  Pretty quick first step (although his overall quickness needs to be better).  Does a good job latching onto defenders.  Has textbook techniques.  Shows good footwork, aggressiveness, and football I.Q.  Does a good job at getting to the 2nd level.  Has good experience.  Is a strong leader on the offensive line.  Shows good toughness and has a great motor.           

Weaknesses: His quickness is not elite.  He occasionally gets beat by quicker linemen and quicker pass rushing moves.  He rushes to get set up and is often off balanced.  His technique also suffers when he is rushed.  His quickness is the one major weakness I see in his game.  Needs to focus on details of his game more.

Summary:  Overall this season I have been very impressed with Chance Warmack.  I think he is one of the most consistent prospects in the country.  He is a solid pass blocker; he has a good base, textbook hand use and shows great awareness.  He is also a punishing run blocker; getting low and driving opponents back with tremendous force.  Chance Warmack has had a solid year and there is a lot to like about him.  In fact, when I was watching tape on him the thing that stood out to me the most was his overall technique in his game.  Warmack is a very polished prospect.  I think he could come in and start for any NFL team. Warmack definitely has some flaws that he need to be improved, but right now he looks like a top 15 lock.

Draft Projection: Top 15