Prospect: Arthur Brown, LB, Kansas St.
By Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
February 2, 2013
6-1 Wt: 228 40: 4.54

Strengths:  Good, solid tackler.  Very quick to react and reads plays well; super impressive.  Extremely athletic.  Displays great awareness.  Low center of gravity.  Shows good speed and quickness.  Looks comfortable in coverage.  Shows fluid hips for a linebacker.  Very versatile player.  Has a nose for the football.  Gets good penetration.  Able to blitz effectively.  Is a great pass rusher; shows real strength.  Able to fight off blocks and make the tackle.  Displays good pursuit.  Has a high motor.  Very tough.  Looks like a leader on the field.  Elite instincts.    

Weaknesses:  Looks very undersized.  Overly aggressive.  He is so quick and aggressive it often works against him; especially in play action.  He has great coverage skills but needs to focus on fundamentals and stay in control.  I have seen tape where he is engulfed my bigger blockers.

Summary:  Arthur Brown is one of the most aggressive players I have scouted this year.  His instincts and awareness are extremely impressive and his ability to read and react to plays are equally impressive.  Brown is also a very versatile player who is stellar against the run, able to blitz/rush the passer and can drop into zone and man coverage.  He’s a true leader on the field who looks like the heart and soul of the Wildcat defense.  His size and lack of focus however, are the two main reasons why I don’t have him listed higher.  He looks very small on the field and his aggressiveness and violent hitting style really have me concerned for his overall durability.  The aggressiveness is who he is as a football player, so we know that’s not going to change.  I have doubts and concerns that he may not be big enough to last a long time as a linebacker.  I would want him to bulk up so he can take and deliver the hits in the NFL.  As for the lack of focus, it’s really something that can be easily improved.  I love his aggressiveness; but he is overly aggressive.  He often takes himself out of the play because he runs around 100 miles an hour all the time with reckless abandon.  It’s good and bad; once he learns to control it, it will be his greatest strength.  Overall, I am excited about Arthur Brown as a prospect.  I like him a lot and I have a strong 2nd round grade on him.            

Draft Projection: 2nd round