The Football Expert: 2010 NFL Mock Draft - Picks 17-32

2010 NFL Mock Draft - Picks 17-32

by Michael Abromowitz
NFL Draft Director
Updated April 22, 2010
Final Version

It is finally draft day! This is my final mock draft with projected trades, which are as follows:
Chiefs trade #5 and #36 to 49ers for #13, #17, and #115
Jaguars trade #10 to Eagles for #24, #37, and #121
Broncos trade #11 to Giants for #15 and #76
Cowboys trade #27 to Broncos for #43 and #76

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17. KC (trade with: Anthony Davis, OT, Rutgers
The Kansas City Chiefs invested millions in their franchise quarterback before last season. Now with the season over and Matt Cassel banged up, they may want to consider investing in his health. The Chiefs' current left tackle Branden Albert may be better on the right side and with the addition of Anthony Davis would add a solid, young tackle combo and more importantly be a long term protection plan for its franchise quarterback. Davis falls this far because of maturity issues. The Chiefs could also consider OT Charles Brown or Rodger Saffold.
Vote and Debate on who the Chiefs will draft
18. PIT: Joe Haden, CB, Florida
The Steelers are targeting center/guard Maurkice Pouncey at this spot, but if Joe Haden falls to them I have a hard time seeing the Steelers pass on what most consider the top cornerback in the draft. He would certainly improve a team lacking in cornerback depth and compete for a starting position day 1.
Vote and Debate on who the Steelers will draft
19. ATL: Brandon Graham, DE, Michigan
The Falcons need upgrades at both defensive end and outside linebacker. The Falcons go defensive end here as defensive ends have high value in the first round than outside linebackers. For the Falcons, Jamaal Anderson may now officially be labeled a bust and John Abraham is 31 years old. Even if Jason Pierre-Paul was still available, I believed they would draft Graham. With Pierre-Paul being very similar to Anderson in being an athletic 'project,' the Falcons would take the smaller Graham. OLB Sean Weatherspoon is another possibility.
Vote and Debate on who the Falcons will draft
20. HOU: Kyle Wilson, CB, Boise State
The Texans seem to be in love with Kyle Wilson. After losing Dunta Robinson in free agency, they have a major void at the cornerback position. The problem for the Texans is Wilson may not last to the Texans at #20 as some teams actually prefer him over Joe Haden. If Wilson is off the board, look for the Texans to improve their running game with Ryan Mathews.
Vote and Debate on who the Texans will draft
21. CIN: Jermaine Gresham, TE, Oklahoma
Maybe, just maybe, the Bengals will listen to me and invest in a tight end. A tight end can be a quarterback's best friend, just don't ask Carson Palmer who has lacks the receiving threat at the position his entire career. The Bengals drafted Chase Coffman in the 3rd round last year, who is almost purely a receiving tight end and in the Bengals' system they want all their tight ends to block. Jermaine Gresham's injury may be the best thing to ever happen to the Bengals. He should fall in their laps at 21. Safety is another option, with Taylor Mays on the board, but he is very similar to a safety they already have: Roy Williams. Hard hitting safety with poor coverage skills. The Bengals have a chance to help your franchise player in Carson Palmer; do it!
Vote and Debate on who the Bengals will draft
22. NE: Jared Odrick, DE/DT, Penn State
I don't even know why I am projecting a pick to the Patriots as I know there is a good chance they will trade this pick. The Patriots won't say it, but they missed Richard Seymour's presence last season and have lost Jarvis Green to free agency. With Jared Odrick they may have the perfect 3-4 end in a player. The 3-4 DE is becoming one of the most highly regarded positions in the draft, so don't be surprised if Odrick gets drafted earlier. The Patriots could also look at OLB Sergio Kindle who would be an ideal fit in the 3-4, but 3-4 defensive ends are harder to find than 3-4 OLBs. The Patriots probably won't keep this spot as they have lots of 2nd round picks to use as ammunition.
Vote and Debate on who the Patriots will draft
23. GB: Sergio Kindle, DE/OLB, Texas
Just ask Antwan Odom, Bengals' defensive end, who had five sacks against the Packers, Green Bay needs help on the offensive line. However, with the recent resigning of veteran Chad Clifton and with the top five offensive tackles off the board, the Packers past on a tackle and draft another need: cornerback. With both Al Harris and Charles Woodson over 34 years old and little depth, the Packers could look at Kyle Wilson, who comes from Boise State, a feeding school for the Green Bay Packers. Instead, the Packers find an OLB to partner with Clay Matthews in Sergio Kindle. Former Defensive end, Kindle looks to be an ideal OLB in the 3-4 defense. With the depth at cornerback, the Packers can afford to wait. OT Charles Brown is another option has he would look to be an ideal player for their zone blocking scheme.
Vote and Debate on who the Packers will draft
24. JAX (trade w/PHI): Tim Tebow, QB, Florida
This seems to be how the Jaguars are hoping the draft to play out. Trade down, grab additional picks including a 2nd rounder, and take Tim Tebow in the bottom of round 1. If this indeed happens look for this pick to be the story throughout draft weekend.
Vote and Debate on who the Jaguars will draft
25. BAL: Devin McCourty, CB, Rutgers
With the signing of Donte Stallworth and the trade for Anquan Boldin, the Ravens no longer have a need at receiver. The Ravens do have a major need at the tight end position. Todd Heap is nearing the end of his career, and he is no longer the elite receiving tight end that he once was, but Jermaine Gresham is off the board. Instead, the Ravens focus at another need: cornerback. The Ravens were banged up last season at the cornerback position, and are able to boost it with Devin McCourty.
Vote and Debate on who the Ravens will draft
26. ARI: Sean Weatherspoon, OLB, Missouri
The first sign the Cardinals may need help at the 3-OLB is Bertrand Berry retired and Chike Okeafor is a free agent. The Cardinals did sign 33 year OLB Joery Porter. The Cardinals take versatile linebacker Sean Weatherspoon who will probably play the ILB spot that Karlos Dansby played. Weatherspoon's versatility and ability to play inside gives him the edge over Jerry Hughes.
Vote and Debate on who the Cardinals will draft
27. DEN (trade w/DAL): Maurkice Pouncey, G/C, Florida
Jery Jones is never afraid to trade up or down in the draft. If he is unable to trade up for Dez Bryant, I predict Jones will trade out of the first round as he currently only owns 6 picks. Dallas could be targeting Nate Allen and feel they could get him in the top of round 2.
Vote and Debate on who the Broncos will draft
28. SD: Ryan Mathews, RB, Fresno State
With LaDainian Tomlinson gone and Darren Sproles probably purely a 3rd down specialist, the Chargers still need a future running back, and consensus 2nd best running back Ryan Mathews is still on the board. The Chargers will have to consider DT Terrence Cody who would replace nosetackle Jamal Williams who was waived. Cody looks to be an ideal 3-4 NT, but Mathews is better value here. The Chargers won't be able to get Mathews at pick 40, but may be able to get Terrence Cody.
Vote and Debate on who the Chargers will draft
29. NYJ: Taylor Mays, S, USC
With the Jets' amazing offseason, they really have the luxury of picking best player available regardless of position. I assume their wide receiver need is no longer after adding Santonio Holmes to a team already with Jerricho Cotchery and Braylon Edwards. If Jared Odrick actually made it to this pick, I believe the Jets would snatch him in a hurry, but he is off the board. If the Jets don't sign Jason Taylor they could consider Everson Griffen. However, after trading away Kerry Rhodes and replacing him with often injured safety Brodney Pool, the Jets take the hard hitting Taylor Mays who seems to be a perfect player to be coached under Rex Ryan.
Vote and Debate on who the Jets will draft
30. MIN: Rodger Saffold, OT, Indiana
The Vikings could consider the mammoth Terrence Cody as the gigantic Pat Williams is 37 years old. With the signing of Lito Sheppard, cornerback is no longer as big of a need. With that they can focus on their line and draft Saffold, who can play either tackle or guard.
Vote and Debate on who the Vikings will draft
31. IND: Charles Brown, OT, USC
When Bill Polian publicly criticizes his team's offensive line, you know he is going to want to improve his offensive line. With that, the Colts take offensive tackle Charles Brown. It really is a tossup between Brown and OT Rodger Saffold. This decision may be easier if one is off the board.
Vote and Debate on who the Colts will draft
32. NO: Jerry Hughes, DE/OLB TCU
The Saints could look at defensive tackle, but with a bigger need at OLB, go that route. Jerry Hughes should be able to make the transition to OLB in a 4-3. The Saints could take a more natural 4-3 OLB in Darryl Washington.
Vote and Debate on who the Saints will draft
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