The Football Expert: 2010 NFL Mock Draft - 3 Rounds

2010 NFL Mock Draft - 3 Rounds with Trades

by Michael Abromowitz
NFL Draft Director
Updated April 22, 2010
Final Version

It is finally draft day! This is my final mock draft with projected trades, which are as follows:
Chiefs trade #5 and #36 to 49ers for #13, #17, and #115
Jaguars trade #10 to Eagles for #24, #37, and #121
Broncos trade #11 to Giants for #15 and #76
Cowboys trade #27 to Broncos for #43 and #76

1. STL: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
Two transactions by the Rams seem to be tilting their hand that they will select a quarterback with this pick: signing veteran quarterback A.J. Feeley and signing defensive tackle Fred Robbins. With Feeley, the Rams get a veteran quarterback to help in the transition of their franchise quarterback, and with Robbins the Rams help fill a major need at defensive tackle. With that, the Rams will pass on Ndamukong Suh and Gerald McCoy and will take Sam Bradford The Rams franchise have not selected a quarterback in the 1st round since 1964 when the Los Angeles Rams took Bill Munson and the last time they took a quarterback in round 2 was Tony Banks in 1996. For now, Sam Bradford seems to be almost certainly headed to St. Louis.
Vote and Debate on who the Rams will draft
2. DET: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
With the Rams passing on Bradford, this pick would seem to be a no brainer. The Lions have been busy this offseason building their defensive line, but Suh would be the prized piece, and hopefully the piece that helps turn around a struggling defense. Only other options are DT Gerald McCoy or OT Russell Okung.
Vote and Debate on who the Lions will draft
3. TB: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
The Buccaneers would seem happy to settle on whichever defensive tackle falls to them. They may consider drafting safety Eric Berry, but Gerald McCoy would seem the obvious choice. He fills a major need and is considered by most to be the 2nd best prospect in this draft, only behind Ndamukong Suh.
Vote and Debate on who the Buccaneers will draft
4. WAS: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
With Donovan McNabb a Redskin, this most likely ends the possibility of Jimmy Clausen going to D.C. With that, the Redskins will focus on protecting their quarterback, especially with the retirement of veteran Chris Samuels. Russell Okung is considered the top tackle in the draft, but Trent Williams is considered the better player for Mike Shanahan's zone blocking scheme which gives him the nod.
Vote and Debate on who the Redskins will draft
5. SF (trade w/KC): Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
The Kansas City Chiefs have made it public that they want to trade down, especially if they can get a prospect they covet lower. The 49ers are looking for their franchise quarterback and there have been many rumors flowing that the 49ers want Jimmy Clausen. With two first round picks, the 49ers have the most ammo to move up and grab Clausen. Last year at this spot, the New York Jets moved up to grab Mark Sanchez.
Vote and Debate on who the 49ers will draft
6. SEA: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
With the Seahawks giving Charlie Whitehurst $5 million, I assume it is to play rather than hold a clipboard. If that is the case, they better focus on protecting his blind side. With Walter Jones retired, the Seahawks need someone to protect whoever will be throwing the ball for Seattle. With the top tackle still on the board, this pick should be relatively an easy one.
Vote and Debate on who the Seahawks will draft
7. CLE: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
With the recent trade to obtain cornerback Sheldon Brown from the Eagles, cornerback became less of a need and makes Joe Haden no longer an option at this spot. With the Brown's passing defense being absolutely atrocious, the Browns still should focus on the defensive backfield. The Browns fix it by taking the all-everything safety in Berry, who many consider to be as good as Ed Reed. A darkhorse candidate is DE/DT Jared Odrick who looks to be the best 3-4 DE in the draft.
Vote and Debate on who the Browns will draft
8. OAK: Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho
Nothing is more exciting in making a mock draft than projecting who the heck Al Davis is going to pick. Drafting a guard with a top 10 pick would certainly bring shock value. Rumor has it the Raiders are extremely high on Mike Iupati, a monster guard that many analysts think to be the next Steve Hutchinson. At 6-6, 330 lbs he should also have the ability to play right tackle. The Raiders could also take OT Anthony Davis, DT Dan Williams, or DE Jason Pierre-Paul.
Vote and Debate on who the Raiders will draft
9. BUF: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
With Jimmy Clausen off the board, this pick will come down to Bryan Bulaga and DT Dan Williams who would fill the Bills' need of a nosetackle in their new 3-4 defense. However, whoever the quarterback for the Bills is will need protection. After passing on Michael Oher last year, the Bills get their tackle in Bulaga.
Vote and Debate on who the Bills will draft
10. PHI (trade w/JAX): Earl Thomas, S, Texas
The Jaguars have let it be known that they want to trade down. Without a 2nd round pick this seems even more likely. The Eagles want to leave this draft with either Eric Berry or Earl Thomas. The Eagles certainly have enough ammo to move up and I believe they will. It is just a question if they will move all the way up to grab Berry or give up a little bit less for a very good Thomas.
Vote and Debate on who the Eagles will draft
11. NYG (trade w/DEN): Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
The Broncos could very well take Rolando McClain at this spot, but with Brandon Marshall traded, they will target Dez Bryant. Believing they could still get Bryant a few picks down, they decide to add some more picks to possibly get a 2nd 1st rounder. The Giants number one target in this draft is McClain. I believe they will do anything they can to get him.
Vote and Debate on who the Giants will draft
12. MIA: Derrick Morgan, DE, Georgia Tech
The Dolphins could take DT Dan Williams at this spot as starting nosetackle Jason Ferguson is suspended for the first 8 games, but instead draft a guy that Bill Parcells is hoping to be the next Demarcus Ware. Parcells seems to love drafting pass rushers high and with Jason Taylor and Joey Porter no longer on the roster, they certainly have a major need for one. There have been many rumors linking Derrick Morgan to the Dolphins.
Vote and Debate on who the Dolphins will draft
13. KC (trade w/SF): Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
The Chiefs trade back from the fifth and get their new nosetackle. Williams is considered a viable option at #5, but the Chiefs are able to trade back and still get him.
Vote and Debate on who the Chiefs will draft
14. SEA: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
After drafting a left tackle with their first pick, the Seahawks take their franchise running back in Spiller. Spiller is an amazing athlete, and probably will give Pete Carroll thoughts of Reggie Bush. However, Spiller looks be a possible number one back, in addition to a solid kick returner. Defensive ends Jason Pierre-Paul and Brandon Graham are possibilities as Patrick Kerney just retired and USC alum Lawrence Jackson has yet to develop. If the Seahawks don't take an OT with their first pick, OT Charles Brown could be an option as he played for Pete Carroll at USC.
Vote and Debate on who the Seahawks will draft
15. DEN (trade w/NYG): Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
The Broncos traded Brandon Marshall AFTER having the Dez Bryant visit. I assume they must have been comfortable with Bryant to trade away Brandon Marshall. Last year, the Broncos shocked us by taking the offensive weapon Knowshon Moreno. This year, I expect the Broncos to do the same thing, but at the receiver position. With Marshall now gone, the Broncos are lacking in receiving playmakers. Eddie Royal is a nice slot guy, but not a number one receiver. Despite his suspension, Dez Bryant is the top receiver in this draft. Interior lineman Maurkice Pouncey is another option.
Vote and Debate on who the Broncos will draft
16. TEN: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
There seems to be a undisputed decision around the internet that the Titans' number one priority is the defensive end position. The Titans take the defensive end with the highest ceiling, but most question marks in Pierre-Paul. Gifted with 6-6 size and amazing quickness, Pierre-Paul has many question marks. He has only played one year of division 1 football and it has been rumored he has not interviewed well. Despite this, the potential is obviously there. High risk, but higher reward. Cornerback Joe Haden is another option.
Vote and Debate on who the Titans will draft
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