Football is not everything.  Sometimes I have to remind myself that.  Then there are times where life reminds.

After Thursday’s practice at Fairhope Stadium, everything was packed up, scouts were doing interviews, players all started to leave; all except two.  Kickers Quinn Sharp (Ok. St.) and Jeff Locke (UCLA).

The two stayed after to kick the ball around with a group of mentally challenged adults.

Before Saturday’s game I caught Quinn Sharp and asked him a couple questions about that experience.

TFE: Can you tell us and share your thoughts about what happened after Thursday’s practice?
It was a great experience for us, very humbling you know, to work with people that are less fortunate, all of us out here have great opportunities and have been blessed with great athletic ability; and we have the chance to succeed in our lives and dreams and those people are a little less fortunate.  To go out there and work with them; see the smiles on their faces, the joy that it brings to them.  It really brings you back down, it lets you know what is really humbling, just appreciate the little things in life and the opportunities that we have been given.  It was a great experience for all of us.

TFE: Would you say that’s your most memorable part about this week?
Yea, definitely.  Like I said you can tell the smiles on their faces.  We took them out there, let them kick some balls, kicking field goals, kick offs.  It was fun; they all had a blast and me and Jeff (Locke) we would get the ball and set it up for them, it really was a fun experience for everyone out there.

TFE:  Thank you so much and good luck in the draft!
Thanks man I appreciate it!

Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to speak with Locke.

After the Senior Bowl, we saw all the sites post who made money, who stood out, who really impressed down in Mobile.

Well, in my opinion Sharp and Locke impressed me more than any player out on that football field.  Life isn’t all about football.  The NFL needs more men like this.

I want to send a special good luck to both of these young men in the draft coming up.  I would love to see them in the NFL.