by Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Director and Senior Writer
April 3, 2012

Marvin McNutt has the most receiving TDs in Hawkeye history and was selected to the First Team All-Big Ten this past year.  He was also named Richter-Howard Wide Receiver of the Year in the Big Ten.TFE: What is your accurate height, weight and 40 time?
McNutt: 6’2 ½ 216 4.42 unofficial; 4.48 and 4.54 official at the combine

TFE: Describe your game in three words or less.
McNutt: Playmaker, intelligent, big bodied

TFE: What do you feel is your greatest strength as a football player and what area do you feel you need to improve in?
McNutt:  My greatest strength is that I know how to use my body well and I catch the ball with my hands. An area where I want to improve in is getting out of my cuts better.

TFE: Who is one of the best players you have faced during your college football career?
McNutt: Shaun Prater, CB, Iowa

TFE: Did you have a favorite pro team growing up?
McNutt: The Rams

TFE: How instrumental was your coaches at Iowa in your progression as a football player?
McNutt:  They did everything to help me be better, I am very grateful.

TFE: What have former college teammates now in the NFL told you about preparing for the league?
McNutt: Adrian Clayborn (DE Tampa Bay) told me keep working, it’s a business and to keep doing what I do.

TFE: What was the most important thing you feel like you learned from your experience at the Senior Bowl?
McNutt:  I can play with the best in the country.  The coaching was similar to the coaching at Iowa.

TFE: What was your favorite part of the combine?
McNutt:  Competing; showing what I have.

TFE: How was the experience at the combine compared to what you expected it to be like?
McNutt:  A little different; there were more meetings and medical appointments than I thought.

TFE: Do you have any goals in mind when it comes to the NFL Draft?
McNutt:  Just want my name to be called on that day.

TFE: How have you been preparing for the draft?
McNutt:  Arizona API and Iowa City training with Chris Doyle.

TFE: What is the one thing you will most miss at college?
McNutt:  Putting on the Iowa jersey; being with all those guys.

TFE: When you get your first professional paycheck what is the first thing you will buy?
McNutt:  I don’t know yet.

TFE: Any pregame rituals? Food? Music?
McNutt: No, nothing really.

TFE: Do you read mock drafts or listen to what draft experts have to say?
McNutt: I do it but I try not to.  Try to have it go in one ear and out the other.

TFE: Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions and good luck!
McNutt: Thanks! Not a problem