The Football Expert: 2010 NFL Mock Draft by Clint Clearwater - 4 Rounds

2010 NFL Mock Draft - 4 Rounds

by Clint Clearwater
NFL Draft Analyst
Updated April 22, 2010
Final Version
Jimmy Clausen
Jimmy Clausen
Ndamukong Suh
Ndamukong Suh
Sam Bradford
Sam Bradford
1. STL: Sam Bradford, QB, Oklahoma
The Rams have to be certain that Bradford is their franchise QB for the future. If they aren't sure then I believe that they will pick Suh. However, the Rams need a QB a lot more than they need a DT, so Bradford will be their pick.
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2. DET: Ndamukong Suh, DT, Nebraska
This is a no brainer (even after the Corey Williams trade), McCoy is one of the best players in the country and he fills a need for the Lions. He instantly upgrades their defense.
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3. TB: Gerald McCoy, DT, Oklahoma
This is the Buccaneers dream scenario, Suh is still available and he fills a position of need. There are rumors that Tampa Bay's front office is in love with Suh; this is a perfect scenario for the Buccaneers.
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4. WAS: Trent Williams, OT, Oklahoma
Mike Mayock recently said that Williams would be a better fit for the Redskins than Okung, and I agree with him. Williams is the most athletic OT in the draft and he would be a perfect fit in Washington's zone blocking scheme.
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5. KC: Russell Okung, OT, Oklahoma State
There is no time lost making this pick. Okung is widely considered the best OT in the draft and it fills a need for Kansas City. They need to protect their quarterback; that is their number 1 priority. This pick will give the Chiefs a lot of options with their entire offensive line.
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6. SEA: Bryan Bulaga, OT, Iowa
Seattle needs a legitimate starting LT. They have a lot of needs, but they need to take one of the top OT's to help protect their QB. Bulaga is a consistent player who only flaw is his short arms. Eric Berry is a strong option here, but OT is a much more important need.
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7. CLE: Eric Berry, S, Tennessee
The Browns have a big need at the safety position. Berry is considered the best safety in this draft, and he is currently the best player available, so he will be the pick here. Cleveland has a ton of needs, but Berry is way too talented to pass up on. Jimmy Clausen is a possibility, but I doubt it. I just don't think Mike Holmgren will draft a QB in the first round.
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8. OAK: Mike Iupati, OG, Idaho
Oakland needs to land an OT here and they believe Iupati can be that upgrade. There have been rumors that Iupati might be the pick here, and I am not usually one to believe the NFL draft rumor mill, but with a mini-run on OT's he could ever well be the pick here. He is very versatile and can play multiple positions on the offensive line. This fills a big need here for the Raiders. Jimmy Clausen is being considered here, but I don't think it will happen.
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9. BUF: C.J. Spiller, RB, Clemson
C.J. Spiller is an explosive running back that could electrify Buffalo's offense. The Bills have a lot of needs, including QB, but with some questions surrounding Clausen, Spillers looks to be the best pick here.
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10. JAX: Joe Haden, CB, Florida
Jacksonville has three options here: Earl Thomas, Rolando McClain or Joe Haden. Derrick Morgan has a strong shot at going here, but I think that will address the DE position later on in the draft. I believe that Jacksonville needs to upgrade their secondary in this pass happy league; especially since they face Peyton Manning twice a year. So in my mind, it will come down to Thomas or Haden. Joe Haden is an exceptional CB who is rated higher on the Jag's big board than Thomas so Haden is the pick here.
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11. DEN: Rolando McClain, ILB, Alabama
Denver would love to acquire a young, intelligent ILB for the leader of their defense. McClain's two biggest strengths are intelligence and leadership. He brings a lot of value to the table here. He is an instant upgrade for the Denver defense.
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12. MIA: Derrick Morgan, OLB, Georgia Tech
Miami just made a huge trade for WR Brandon Marshall. Dez Bryant will not be the pick here. The Dolphins will either take a OLB or a FS; that's their biggest need. I think that this pick will either be Derrick Morgan, Sergio Kindle or Earl Thomas.
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13. SF: Jimmy Clausen, QB, Notre Dame
This is a bit of a surprise pick, but Clausen is too good to pass up on. The 49ers have questions about their QB for the future. Clausen is a QB that can make all the throws, but have questionable intangibles. Still, at #13, this is a solid pick
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14. SEA: Jason Pierre-Paul, DE, South Florida
Patrick Kerney just retired and that will leave a big hole at the DE position. Earl Thomas is a very strong option here, but Seattle looks to add a DE who is very raw but has TONs of potential.
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15. NYG: Dez Bryant, WR, Oklahoma State
This is not the biggest need pick. They are looking to deal Osi Umenyiora and even if that deal doesn't get done, they still could use help at the DE. With that being said, IF Jason Pierre-Paul is still available; I think he would be the pick. However, he was just taken so they go with the top wide out in the draft. I know they just drafted Hakeem Nicks in the 1st round last year and they have Steve Smith at WR too; but, Bryant is the best player on the board and he is way too good to pass up on here. He has top 5 talent, but he falls because of his off the field concerns. The questions surrounding him are legitimate, and they must not be taken lightly. However, Bryant is by far the best player available and he could add a completely different dimension to the New York offense.
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16. TEN: Dan Williams, DT, Tennessee
The Titans need to improve their defense. This will start in the trenches, they could really use a stud DE, but unfortunately the DE's they were targeting are gone, so they go with a stud DT. I believe Odrick is a possibility here; Odrick will be a popular man on draft day; but Williams is rated above him so they go with Williams here. Williams will add some young and strength to the defensive line.
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