Just my predictions.

by Michael Abromowitz, 11/19/12

# Big Ten SEC Pac 12 ACC/Big 12
1 Illinois Alabama Arizona Baylor
2 Indiana Arkansas Arizona State Boston College
3 Iowa Auburn California Clemson
4 Michigan Florida Colorado Connecticut
5 Michigan State Georgia Oregon Duke
6 Minnesota Kentucky Oregon State Florida State
7 Nebraska LSU Stanford Georgia Tech
8 Northwestern Mississippi UCLA Iowa State
9 Ohio State Mississippi State USC Kansas
10 Penn State Missouri Utah Kansas St.
11 Purdue South Carolina Washington Miami, FL
12 Wisconsin Tennessee Washington State Pittsburgh
13 Maryland Texas A&M Texas Syracuse
14 Rutgers Vanderbilt Texas Tech TCU
15 North Carolina Virginia Tech Oklahoma Wake Forest
16 Virginia NC State Oklahoma St. West Virginia
Screwed: Cincinnati, Louisville, South Florida, Boise St., BYU

I chose North Carolina and Virginia to the Big Ten because they are state schools, in the AAU, strong academically, no current Big Ten school is in those states, and they would still create contiguous states among Big Ten Schools.  Georgia Tech would be the next best option after UVA and UNC.

I chose Virginia Tech and NC State to the SEC because they both are colleges in southern states that do not have an affiliate SEC school.  Both large public institutions with quality football/basketball.

For the Pac 12, I based it on previous realignment discussions.  It seems if Texas goes anywhere, then Tech would have to come along.  The same with Oklahoma State if Oklahoma went to the Pac 12.  With a smaller amount of quality athletic programs in the West, I went with four schools that would help make the Pac 12 a strong football conference.  Kansas brings a great basketball program, but very little in football.  Stanford is currently the only private school, so it would be unlikely that the Pac 12 would look at TCU or Baylor.

The ACC/Big 12 Conference is the leftovers plus Connecticut, thus leaving out the best of the rest – Louisville, Cincinnati, South Florida, Boise St., and BYU.  Boise State’s only shot would be to join the Pac 12, but other than football, the school brings little, including academics.  Connecticut’s advantage is it probably has the strongest academics of the rest, has a storied men’s and women’s basketball program, and its football program has been in the BCS recently.